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Whether patients are interested in acquiring a more youthful appearance or eliminating their acne, Dr. Alvarez del Manzano provide patients with all of the latest treatments for a diverse array of needs.

Our doctors are amongst the finest medical minds in America, and their professional expertise can allow patients to achieve the appearance that they want.


Cosmetic Dermatology in Tribeca, NY

BOTOX is a muscle-relaxing agent that’s often used for a myriad of medical and cosmetic purposes. It is entirely safe for use and has been approved by the FDA. BOTOX® are very effective for eliminating facial wrinkles.

Through only a few injections the lines and wrinkles caused by repeated facial movements are considerably reduced. Dermatologists frequently make use of BOTOX® to treat many cosmetic problems. It is an entirely safe and painless procedure that is widely recognized for its effectiveness.


There are many varieties of brown sports that include ordinary moles and freckles to very dangerous types of skin cancer. Before any further action can be taken, a brown spot is first examined by a dermatologist. Liver spots, flat brown spots are caused by excessive sunlight exposure of the skin such as the face, chest, neck and arms.

Brown spot development tends to increase with age as excessive sunlight exposure tends to have a detrimental effect. Possible remedies for brown spots include laser treatment, peels and cream. 


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Laser Skin care treatments are one of the best ways to prevent the detrimental effects of ageing on the skin. As an exclusive service Clear + Brilliant®️ is provided only by our professionals who have been licensed and extensively trained to perform it.

Clear + Brilliant®️ will not only improve the texture and tone of your skin, but it will also reduce the appearance of pores on your skin and reduce the effects of wrinkling. Having such smooth skin will considerably improve your appearance and make you feel fresh


Capillaries the smallest blood vessels. Their appearance on the face can be caused by both hereditary and environmental causes.

They appear as small bright red lines or dots near the nose and cheeks. Although harmless, they do cause some self-esteem issues amongst patients. This condition can be treated using pulsed-dye lasers which is also effective for patients with rosacea which is a medical condition that involves flushing of the skin. 


This is a resurfacing and fractional rejuvenation technique that reduces the appearance of facial wrinkles of provides an individual with a more youthful appearance.

It can be used in many different areas of the body that require skin renewal such as the eyelids, both upper and lower; the mouth; cheeks; forehead and neck. Areas of the body that experience discoloration, acne scarring and wrinkles are suitable for this treatment.


Both of these products are FDA approved fillers used to treat facial folds as well as wrinkles As gel-like substances fabricated using hyaluronic acid, they are injected deep into the skin to occupy creases and folds to provide you with a more youthful and symmetrical appearance. Restylane is also used to treat lines on the forehead in addition to improving the size of the lips. Juvéderm tends to be the more long-lasting of the two, and our professional dermatologists can provide you with customized solutions depending on your needs.


Cosmetic Dermatology in Tribeca, NY

Men and women alike are affected by unwanted hair, which can appear anywhere on the body. Patients of different skin types and color have different needs, and the GentleMAX® laser offers two wavelengths to safely and effectively remove unwanted hair.

Patients with darker skin color, especially, require extra care and precaution to minimize any risk of discoloration. Procedures are done only by our dermatologists and topical anesthetic can be used to minimize any discomfort during treatments.


Radiesse® is essentially a synthetic filler that can be injected to reduce the appearance of moderate to severe cases of wrinkles around the nose and mouth area. Radiesse® is fabricated using different materials than either Juvéderm® or Restylane®.

Radiesse® is fabricated using a gel that contains microspheres of calcium hydroxylapatite which not only encourages the skin to increase collagen production but also increase its facial volume. It has an overall lifting effect that improves your appearance. 


Excessive sunlight exposure can cause damage to the skin due to the effects of Ultraviolet rays. Predictably, sun damage most often occurs on the face, arms and other exposed parts of the body. Sun damage can lead to the formation of brown spots, age spots, wrinkles and even cancer.

Sun damage should be prevented as much as possible through using sunscreen and other forms of sun protection. Depending on the degree of sun damage that you have experienced, our professional dermatologists can provide you with individually customized treatment.


Wrinkles are caused naturally by either the folding of the skin or the development of creases. They intensify in appearance over time especially if patients suffer from high sunlight exposure or regularly smoke. While many topical creams are available for treating wrinkles, may prove to be ineffective.

The most effective way to remove or reduce the appearance of wrinkles is through dermatologic treatments such as BOTOX® or injectable fillers. No single treatment is appropriate for all cases, however, so a dermatologist must assess an individual patient’s need and assign a treatment accordingly.

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