At Downtown Dermatology, we offer a wide variety of treatments and procedures for a whole list of cosmetic and medical conditions. Of these, our Botox Cosmetic injections are one of our most popular treatment options.

Getting Cosmetic Botox injections to reduce the appearance of wrinkles has become extremely popular in recent years. This procedure works by smoothing out the lines of the forehead to help reduce the appearance and development of wrinkles. 

For some people, Cosmetic Botox injections may even be able to help reduce their symptoms of depression by reducing their ability to frown. It may seem incredible, but facial muscles actually have the capacity to regulate and influence a person’s mood. By inhibiting the frowning response, a person’s mood is more consistently positive. 

There is also something to be said about Cosmetic Botox’s ability to help rejuvenate the skin which can help people feel more youthful and look more well-rested. These effects can boost a patient’s self-esteem which, in turn, can improve their mood and reduce anxiety levels. 

There are many incredible benefits to getting regular Cosmetic Botox injections, and few to no side effects in most patients. So, how do you know if Cosmetic Botox is right for you? Keep reading for more information about Botox Cosmetic procedures in Tribeca. 

How Old Should I Be to Get Cosmetic Botox Injections?

Although many people believe that Cosmetic Botox is only for older patients, nothing could be further from the truth. Botox Cosmetic is approved for patients age 18 and older, and the recommended age to begin Cosmetic Botox treatments is in your mid-twenties to early thirties. 

Ideally, patients should start getting injections when they begin to notice wrinkles, frown lines, crow’s feet, or any other visible sign of aging that they may be unhappy with. While Botox Cosmetic injections are effective at any age, their effectiveness is enhanced before age 40. 

This is because typically at this age a person’s wrinkles have had a chance to “set” and they can be harder to smooth out.  

What Is Preventative Botox Cosmetic?

Preventative Botox Cosmetic treatments are ideal for patients in their late 20s to early 30s that have a family history of developing wrinkles. This treatment seeks to prevent wrinkles and frown lines from forming before they have had a chance to occur and “set”. 

For many patients, preventative Botox Cosmetic treatments are more effective in preventing wrinkles than corrective treatment is in getting rid of them in later years. 

Is There a Difference Between Botox and Cosmetic Botox?

There is no chemical difference between Botox and Cosmetic Botox. The only difference between the two is that Botox is approved by the FDA for the treatment of migraines whereas Cosmetic Botox is approved by the FDA for the removal of wrinkles, frown lines, crow’s feet, etc. 

Typically, a therapeutic treatment of Botox for migraines will contain a higher amount of Botox than a cosmetic treatment. Other than that, the difference between the two types of Botox only really matters to your insurance carrier as certain plans cover both treatments whereas others may only cover therapeutic treatments. 

What Is Botox?

Botox is the brand name for the drug that has been made from the botulinum toxin, the same toxin that can cause botulism from improperly stored food. While that may sound scary, the distilled form that has been created to make the Botox drug is completely safe. 

Because such a small amount is used during treatments, there is never enough in your system at once to cause any kind of botulism-related reaction. Additionally, because Botox is produced in a lab, the toxin is diluted and sterilized prior to the creation of the drug that is used in our injections. 

What Is Cosmetic Botox Used For?

Cosmetic Botox is used for the treatment of wrinkles, crow’s feet, frown lines, and other cosmetic signs of aging on the face. The treatment is extremely safe as only a very small amount of Botox is used to achieve the desired result. 

Botox Cosmetic is a non-invasive treatment option which means that there is minimal preparation needed for the treatment, and there is no recovery time afterward – you can actually get your Botox treatment done during your lunch hour! 

Many patients opt for Cosmetic Botox to give them a more youthful, invigorated look rather than deciding to go “under the knife” with more invasive procedures such as a facelift. 

Because Botox leaves no scarring and is significantly cheaper than more invasive options, it is an excellent choice for patients with minimal to moderate wrinkles and other signs of aging. 

Side Effects of Cosmetic Botox

When performed by a reputable and well-trained doctor, such as our practitioners at Downtown Dermatology, Cosmetic Botox can be performed with minimal to no side effects. Most patients experience no side effects from their treatment and are able to immediately resume their normal activities. 

Some patients may experience slight bruising or swelling in their injection site for a few days after their procedure. Others may develop a slight headache for a few hours after their treatment. 

Finally, for patients who have treatments near their eyes, such as for crow’s feet, they may experience eye dryness or excessive tearing for a short period of time after their injections. 

The treatment has been extensively researched and is considered extremely safe. A study from 1989 to 2003 revealed only 36 cases of complications related to Botox, and the majority of these were deemed to be the result of an undisclosed underlying condition.   

The Best Botox in Tribeca

If you are looking to get Cosmetic Botox either as a preventative or corrective treatment in the New York City area, look no further. With over 110 positive Google reviews, Downtown Dermatology is the place to go for all of your cosmetic and therapeutic treatment needs. 

We take pride in the quality of care our doctors provide and offer compassionate and courteous consultations prior to treatment. We work with our patients to determine the best course of treatment for them so that they will be thrilled with their results. 

Reach out to our team today to schedule your consultation appointment and learn how we can help you obtain a more youthful and well-rested look in as little as 15 minutes! 

How Long Does Botox Cosmetic Last?

After your Cosmetic Botox injections, you can expect to see initial results within 3-5 days, however, the full effect of the treatment may not be evident for up to two weeks. 

For most patients, the effect of the injections will last 4-6 months. Some patients may start to notice that the effect is beginning to wear off around the 3-4 month mark, whereas others will go the full six months without their treatment beginning to fade. 

Your first injection will typically take the longest to show results as your muscles must be trained. The first injection is also the one that will often wear off the fastest, around the 3-4 month point, for similar reasons. 

Patients who get regular treatments are more likely to see continuous and long-lasting results than patients who only get Botox injections sporadically. 

Is Botox Cosmetic Covered By Insurance?

Whether or not your Botox Cosmetic treatments will be covered by your insurance provider entirely depends on what type of insurance you have. Certain providers will cover the cost of a certain amount of Cosmetic Botox treatments per year. 

Other insurance providers will only cover the cost of Botox if it is prescribed for therapeutic treatments such as for migraines or TMJ Disorder. You should always contact your insurance provider prior to receiving treatment to better understand what your out-of-pocket costs may be. 

For patients with Medicare or Medicaid as their insurance, these providers will not cover the costs of any cosmetic procedures. They will only cover Botox as a therapeutic treatment under certain circumstances. Contact your provider for more information on eligibility. 

Who Is Botox Cosmetic For?

Although there is a small stigma on getting Botox still, with people believing that it is only for older adults, there is nothing further from the truth. In reality, Botox Cosmetic is for anybody, male, female, or nonbinary of at least 25 years of age that is concerned about their appearance or genetics. 

Many of our younger patients have a family history of deep-set wrinkles. They receive preventative Botox Cosmetic injections starting in their mid to late twenties to help prevent those deep lines from forming. 

Preventative treatment is extremely effective, and in many cases, is more effective than corrective treatment can be at an older age. 

Of course, patients do not need to have a family history of wrinkles, frown lines, crow’s feet, or other signs of aging in order to receive Botox Cosmetic injections as early as their late twenties to early thirties. 

In fact, we recommend that all of our patients begin their treatments at the first sign of unwanted wrinkles. By catching and treating them early, the injections are significantly more effective than they would be after the wrinkles have had a chance to become “set”. 

That said, Botox Cosmetic can still be effective for older patients that are wanting to achieve a more youthful and well-rested look. If you are unsure if Botox Cosmetic is right for you, reach out to our team today to schedule a consultation appointment! 

Who Should Avoid Botox Cosmetic?

Unfortunately, although we would love to treat everyone that walks through our doors, some patients are not good candidates for Botox Cosmetic treatments. 

This is why our initial consultation appointment is so important, and it is essential that you disclose any medical conditions or medications that you are taking to your doctor. 

For example, patients that must take blood thinners daily may experience a heightened risk of bleeding, bruising, or infection at the injection site. In addition, candidates that are in poor general health, have significant health conditions, or have a history of allergies to similar toxins would not be good candidates. 

Finally, patients that have very thick or rough skin,  patients with extremely thin and fragile skin, or patients that have muscle weakness or damage in the area surrounding their injection site may not be good candidates for Botox Cosmetic injections. 

How Long Does a Treatment Session Take?

Cosmetic Botox injections are extremely easy to perform and the procedure is completely non-invasive. For your first appointment, you can expect to spend around 30-45 minutes in the office so that your doctor can perform a thorough consultation as well as monitor you after the procedure for any side effects. 

During your consultation, your doctor may recommend that you stop taking certain medications, such as aspirin, for a few days prior to your appointment to reduce the risk of bleeding and bruising. Do not stop taking any medications without your doctor’s approval or without consulting your doctor first. 

After your first appointment, Cosmetic Botox treatments can take as little as 15 minutes to complete. You do not need to be administered any type of sedative or anesthetic for the procedure as the needle that is used is extremely small. 

At most, you will feel a small pinch at your injection sites, but it should not cause anything more than slight discomfort. Most treatments will consist of 5-15 injections depending on how severe your wrinkles are. You will be able to resume normal activities immediately after treatment. 

Botox Cosmetic Aftercare 

While you can resume most normal activities immediately after your injections, there are a few things that you should avoid doing after your treatment. These include:

  • No rubbing, massaging, or excessive touching of the injected area for at least 4 hours after your treatment.
  • Do not get a facial or other cosmetic treatment for at least 2 days after treatment
  • Do not apply or wear makeup for at least 4 hours after treatment
  • No strenuous activity for 24 hours after treatment
  • Keep your head as level as possible for at least 4 hours after treatment – this means no laying on your stomach, no bending over, etc. 
  • Avoid tight headwear such as hats, bandannas, etc. 
  • Avoid drinking alcohol for the rest of the day to minimize bruising
  • Avoid sunlight as much as possible for at least 4 hours after treatment – the heat and flushing it can cause bruising to occur

Although this may seem like a long list of do-nots, the majority of our recommendations revolve around not touching your face and relaxing for the day. 

What Should You Know Before Getting Botox Cosmetic

There are several things to keep in mind before you have your first Botox Cosmetic treatment. The first, and arguably, most important thing to know is that Botox Cosmetic treatments are not a magic cure-all for your skin. 

Although treatments may be able to smooth out some of your wrinkles, the treatments are more intended to be preventative than restorative. This is why we recommend starting treatments in your early thirties rather than waiting until your wrinkles have become deep-set. 

Secondly, Botox Cosmetic treatments are temporary. They typically last between 4-6 months, which means that you should schedule follow-up appointments 2-3 times per year. 

How To Prepare For Your Botox Cosmetic Injections

While most people are able to get Botox Cosmetic injections with minimal discomfort, there are some precautions that you can take prior to your appointment to help ensure that the treatment goes smoothly. 

Be Wary Of Budget Doctors

First, make sure that you research the doctor and practice that you will be using to ensure that they are reputable, licensed, and good at what they do. As with any other medical procedure, cosmetic or otherwise, you very frequently get what you pay for. 

If a doctor seems to be constantly running specials, coupons, or deals on their services it’s important to ask yourself why. Do they have a shortage of clients as a result of poor reviews and results? Are they not personable or do they have a bad bedside manner? Are they simply new and haven’t built up a client base?

While cheap isn’t always bad, it is important to understand the reason why their service is cheaper than their competitors.

Be Honest With Your Doctor

Although it can feel awkward to discuss your medical history, you will have a much better outcome if you are completely honest with your doctor. Let your doctor know if you are a smoker, regularly consume alcoholic beverages, or take any kind of medication or other supplements. 

Additionally, inform your doctor if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or planning to get pregnant soon. Be sure to let us know about any allergies that you may have, or if you have had any prior cosmetic treatments performed. 

All of these things can impact the amount of Botox Cosmetic that you receive or your eligibility for Botox Cosmetic injections. Your health and safety are our top priorities and we want to ensure that you get the most out of your treatments! 

Discuss Your Desired Results With Your Doctor Prior To Treatment

There’s nothing worse than having a cosmetic medical procedure done to achieve a certain look and then not achieving that look. While Botox Cosmetic can be instrumental in helping prevent the signs of aging, it may not be able to completely remove deep wrinkles or frown lines from your face. 

On the other hand, you may be hoping for some wrinkle prevention but don’t want to have a “frozen” appearance. For these reasons, it is vital that you and your doctor discuss your expectations and desires with what is possible. 

This will help ensure that everyone is happy with the treatment and it will also allow your doctor to tailor your Botox Cosmetic injections to help you achieve the look that you are intending. 

Avoid Blood Thinners 

Under the supervision and direction of your doctor, it is wise to avoid as many blood thinners as possible for up to a week before your appointment. This helps prevent bruising and skin damage during and after the procedure. 

This includes aspirin, ibuprofen, and certain prescription medications. There are also several supplements that you should avoid as well, including many anti-oxidants such as:

  • Fish oil
  • Ginseng
  • Green tea
  • Cinnamon
  • Ginger
  • Multivitamins

These supplements can also act as blood thinners which can hinder your recovery rate. It is also wise to avoid drinking any alcohol for 2-3 days before your appointment as alcohol has a similar blood thinning effect. 

Botox Cosmetic Treatments

If you have always been curious about Botox Cosmetic treatments, then it is time to book a consultation with Downtown Dermatology. Our incredible and friendly doctors are here to answer all of your questions and concerns as well as give you the best recommendations on treatment options. 

It is always better to start getting preventative Botox Cosmetic before you really need it. At the first sign of unwanted wrinkles, you can begin getting treatments to stop them from getting worse. 

So if you’re looking to rejuvenate your appearance or if you’re looking to prevent those lines from forming in the first place, reach out to our team today and schedule your consultation appointment! 

Does Botox Cosmetic Weaken Facial Muscles?

Yes, but that’s actually a good thing! Wrinkles occur because our muscles are overactive and they are working overtime to make our faces extremely expressive. Over time, these muscles contract so strongly and so frequently that wrinkles form. 

With consistent Botox Cosmetic use, you will notice that the expressive muscles in your face, such as the ones that make you frown, squint, or scrunch your eyebrows, will become weaker. This happens because the muscles are unable to move as freely once they have been treated with Botox Cosmetic. Eventually, this results in fewer wrinkles naturally forming! 

What Happens If You Stop Getting Botox Cosmetic Treatments?

If you have been receiving regular Botox Cosmetic injections for years, then you will not notice any immediate difference. Eventually, your wrinkles will start to form again, but they will form at a much slower rate than they would have if you had never had treatments. 

You are always able to start your Botox Cosmetic treatments again after a break provided that there are no new medical conditions that would interfere with the treatments. In addition, as the years go by, if you maintain your treatment schedule, you will likely need fewer Botox Cosmetic injections than you did when you started because your muscles have been trained. 

The best part about Botox Cosmetic is that even if you decide to stop getting injections after a few years of regular treatments, you will still look significantly younger than if you had never had treatments. 

If I Get Botox Will I Have A “Frozen” Expression?

It is common in movies and media to have someone who has received Botox injections to make a joke about not being able to look surprised or show emotions. While that may have been true in the 1980s and 1990s, that is no longer the case, unless you want it!

Today, the art of Botox Cosmetic injections has become much more subtle. These treatments are intended to help patients age gracefully, smooth out unwanted wrinkles, and improve their mood. 

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures such as Botox Cosmetic now make up 9 out of 10 cosmetic procedures performed annually, which has risen by 41% in the past decade. It is now extremely common and no longer taboo to receive Botox Cosmetic injections as early as your late 20s. 

If you don’t believe us, ask your friends if any of them have had Botox Cosmetic injections done. You’ll probably be surprised at the amount that says that they have, or that are considering getting them done! 

We are happy to answer any questions or concerns that you might have about getting Botox Cosmetic injections. Reach out today to learn what Downtown Dermatology can do for you! 

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