Psoriasis vs Eczema – Difference Between Eczema And Psoriasis

Eczema Or Psoriasis? Eczema and psoriasis are both skin conditions that can cause red, inflamed, and itchy skin. However, there are some key differences between the two conditions. Eczema is more common in children, while psoriasis is more common in adults. Eczema is also more likely to occur on the face, hands, and feet, while … Continued

Adults with eczema too often suffer in silence

Peter Moffat, creator of Criminal Justice, is diminishing the stigma of atopic dermatitis by raising awareness of this disease. Peter Moffat knows well the everyday struggles of living with atopic dermatitis (AD), the most common type of eczema. Now he’s using his celebrity status to raise awareness of these struggles so that fewer people suffer … Continued